The Role of Excel Data Entry in Business

The Role of Excel Data Entry in Business

What is Excel?

Excel is a spreadsheet. Spreadsheets are a computer application designed for organization, manipulation, analysis and storage of data in a tabular form. This makes data manipulations and analysis efficient. They can contain both text and numerical data.

Microsoft Excel is the most widely used spreadsheet software developed by Microsoft for Windows, iOS and Android. It consists of graphing and analysis tools which can be used to generate reports and other analysis.

Excel data Types

PDF to Excel:Today the world is full of PDFs as PDFs provide ease of data transfer by means of books. Books containing thousands of pages can be converted into relatively small files and carried about in a phone. But all the data in a PDF is uneditable. They are also unstructured this making the data inside them stagnant. Transferring them into data in excel sheets makes the data analysis much easier and quicker. The process itself is actually very much dependant on the way the data is stored inside the PDF. If they are already in a tabular form, specialized software’s are used if else the manual entry is the only solution.

Word to excel:Word documents are an exceptional means of transfer of textual data. They actually are more flexible compared to the PDF format as they allow data manipulation. But still, the data in the word documents is not structured for analysis and arithmetic. So they need to be converted into excel format. This is usually done by manually entering the data.

Why Outsource Excel Data Entry?

Outsourcing excel data entry to professionals actually is a great idea. Every business generates enormous amounts of data. All that data has to be stored in a systematic manner. Storing them in spreadsheets is the best solution. But converting all the data stored in unstructured formats like PDFs and text documents to the excel format is a very tedious and time-consuming process which takes up much man-power and computer time. This exerts much stress on the business.

  • Outsourcing reduces the workload on your business giving more time and resources to work on your core business.
  • It also reduces the errors as the professionals who carry out the entry are trained to avoid errors completely.
  • Excel data entry companies have customer service to sort out any issue that might arise.

Furthermore, excel data entry actually demand much of your fund drawing it away from your core business. Therefore outsourcing Excel data entry to professionals will surely help the businesses to reduce this workload and improve their work quality.