Best marketing requires best display, better you show your product better you get view on it. There is always an apparent difference in actual and notional entities. This is intentionally captured since things to be shown have to be those that can give supreme return for your investment. This is the prime reason for editing the images that you want to display through your platform for merchandise.

Image editing is actually an umbrella body wherein varied types accommodate; Let us list a few for your knowledge:

  • Editorial Retouching
  • Commercial Retouching
  • Portrait Retouching
  • Creative Retouching
  • Beauty Retouching

These are all relative to each other though the application depends on the Graphic Designer who can evaluate the necessity of the client and accordingly categorize the image to a particular retouching. Let us understand each category so that the consequence of the same can also be related.

  • Editorial Retouching is required when you want to keep an image till its utmost organic and pure looks. It should show minimum processing. This is basically applied for brands and products particularly used in books, editorials and/or magazines.


Example is the skin tone of a model and/or a product on magazine cover where the surface or skin is cleaned up properly but avoid excessive polishing at the same time. Here permanent features like scars and moles are removed.

  • Commercial Retouching is important when the images are required to sell a product. A wide range of products like jewelry, cosmetics, automobiles, garments and such comes under this category.



This service is required typically for selling the products and hence it becomes very much necessary for the designer to make the editing in a way that it relates with the prospect customer’s requirement, maximizing the importance of the product for them. The image should actually stimulate in them the need to get the product.

  • Portrait Retouching is when you require keeping the personal characteristics intact and natural. Unlike Editorial Retouching, here the permanent features like scars or moles or pigmentation are not removed but are made more acceptable.


Depending on client’s requirements, the skin tone can be adjusted with color improvising and adding contrast or may be sharpening the image while keeping the looks as much fine as possible.

  • Creative Retouching can be applied when you require blending more than one image together and giving it a natural look. This is also called Image compositing.



This creative work will hide the actual truth behind the image and is more often required for imaginative results which otherwise from a single image is not possible. Hence the designers use multiple images and give them a desired definition.

  • Beauty Retouching, as the name suggest, emphasizes more on skin retouching. This is required when a client is demanding more than normal editing and that would normally relate to fashion and beauty, hairstyling and celebrity photography.



This basically is most time consuming service when it comes to skin retouching since the skin always captures maximum focus.  Unlike Editorial and Portrait retouching, here all temporary and permanent flaws are removed. This is also an extensive retouching where skin is made flawless using varied technologies. Hair also occupies a major part in beauty retouching.